Advancing with Muay Thai in St. Albert

P1030421With the recent surge in the local interest in combative arts and sports, St. Albert residents are faced with a glittering fork road of opportunities, with one way leading to diamonds and the other leading to gold, by way of the choices they have in the combative arts and sports — quality choices at that.

Those fighting enthusiasts who are a bit more of a traditional incline, may make the choice between combative sports like martial arts, judo or wrestling, while those who are seeking the thrill of learning something which is relatively new to these parts of the world, may be inclined to go with something like Jiu Jitsu or make the choice of advancing with Muay Thai in St. Albert.

Muay Thai is a combative art form of particular interest, on which the emphasis will be placed for a while, with the aim of emulating Arashi Do Martial Arts principles.

The Science of Eight Limbs, as Muay Thai is often referred to, in a loose description of what this fighting art entails, is essentially a specialized form of kickboxing.

No prizes for guessing where Muay Thai originates from (Thailand), as the name suggests, but what is rather interesting is just exactly how big the sport is in its native Thailand.

The very competitive nature of Muay Thai, in its native land, does a lot to inspire many of its students in other parts of the world, such as those practicing in St.Albert, to go the whole twelve yards and give their participation their all. This is usually in honor of their fellow Thai warriors, who don’t have a choice in their participation of Muay Thai, as it often serves as a matter of utmost importance, in that their participation is somewhat forced by their circumstances.

There is a lot of money in Muay Thai, in its native Thailand, so many of the sons of families feel as if they simply have to take part, as a means through which to escape poverty, so they approach the sport as a matter of life and death.

In this part of the world however, the luck of the draw has smiled upon the residents of Keller, as well as the surrounding areas, since participation in the combative sport of Muay Thai is completely optional, but it does require that participants take the sport seriously, in order to progress and possibly compete at a higher level of competition.

Advancing with Muay Thai in St. Albert is great in that it encompasses the classic combative striking fighting styles, cutting out a lot of the grappling which a lot of people don’t like to get involved with, while falling in line with Arashi Do Martial Arts standards.

Muay Thai Training Videos


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