Muay Thai Training Tips for Beginners


Training in Muay Thai is often a strenuous experience. When you are first starting out, it’s important to make sure that you are in good shape. To become good at Muay Thai, it’s essential to be committed to practicing. Get off to the right start by using the training tips below.

Find the Right Training Center 

Do a solid amount of research before you sign up. Observe or even try out a class, if possible, before committing to a particular gym. Look at reviews online and check out the qualifications of the instructors. If you can, talk to people who go there. Where you train has a huge impact on how well you learn Muay Thai and how much you will enjoy the experience, so choose your school wisely.

Invest in Good Equipment 

Some schools will have you buy all of the tools that you will need directly from them. Others may allow you bring your own equipment. Either way, don’t be afraid to spend the necessary money to get gloves that have the right amount of support and shin guards that will provide adequate protection from kicks.

Maintain Muscle Mass

The time you spend sparring or practicing Muay Thai is only the beginning of what you’ll need to do to stay in shape for this sport. When you aren’t training, you’ll need to keep up with a cardio exercise routine, such as running and jumping rope, and weight lifting. Strong abdominal muscles make it easier to withstand hits from opponents.

Learn the Proper Fighting Stance

When you’re first starting out, it’s critical to properly learn the correct fighting stance for Muay Thai. This is the foundation of being able to train and spar well, so take the necessary time to learn it. Practice these movements before focusing too much on other fighting techniques.

Repeat, Repeat, Then Repeat Again

Repetition is stressed in Muay Thai, and for good reason. For every defense and offensive move that you learn, you need to be sure that you are doing it correctly. Start off more slowly, then work on improving your speed once you get the moves down.

Practice Your Moves at Home

Get a punching bag or shadow box to practice at home. Everything you learn in class must be repeated constantly and consistently on your own. It’s important to practice every day, so that you are comfortable with the new skills you are learning. With time, you’ll be able to do all of the kicks and strikes with more ease, speed, and skill.

Be Patient 

Don’t push yourself to hard and don’t move on to the next level until you’re ready. Everyone who has ever been good at Muay Thai started at the beginning. Take the time now to train properly and to master the basics before moving on.

Muay Thai takes a great deal of time and energy to learn. Don’t get discouraged if it is difficult at first. Just keep training and working hard to improve.

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