5 Top Tips For Building Your Six Pack

abs-torso_2605017-792814Many people do a lot of abdominal crunches yet complain of no results.  Little do they know that spot reduction does not exist and crunches may in fact do very little to help.  Following five easier steps to getting six pack abs may be more useful in this regard.

Mike Geary’s Truth About Abs is the program that makes it easy to begin taking the right steps almost immediately.

Number-1-iconNutrition – Start eating whole and naturally and stop eating low nutrient and high calorie foods like cakes and sodas.  Eat more vegetables and fruits and add in complex carbohydrates found in oatmeal, whole wheat bread and pastas.  Mix in a lot of protein from chicken and tuna and healthy fats from salmon, avocado and olive oil.

Number-2-iconWorkout routine – Use workouts with compound movements and those that give core training.  Examples of these exercises are squats, dead lifts, presses, planks and hanging leg raises.  Try to avoid isolation exercises such as crunches as it does not burn as much fats as compound exercises. This is where your Muay Thai training comes in.

Number-3-iconConsistency – your nutrition and workout program should be consistent and maintained. Do not get discouraged if you do not see results right away. Stick to your strict diet and workout routine and over time you will see great results. Be sure to share you goal with someone trusted like your instructor.  Once it’s out there it’ll help keep you motivated.

Number-4-iconBody fat percentage – Adjust your body fat percentage accordingly and try to lessen this every week by proper monitoring and adjust your exercise routines accordingly.  The average healthy man should have a body fat % between 11-22% and 23-35% for women… but if you want o see those abs it has to be at the bottom of those ranges.

Number-5-iconRest – overtraining is never good.  Your body needs rest to repair itself and muscles to grow.  Take one day out of the week for complete rest and recuperation. Take this day to pamper yourself and not do anything physical. After a while of working out you will really miss it and will really want to get back at it after a day off.

Truth About Abs also helps you to maintain proper health. I strongly believe that you can’t look good for long if you don’t watch your health properly. I believe that Mike Geary places an emphasis on correct nutrition for this reason which is why his program works so well.

To get you started on the path to building Healthy Habits, we at Arashi Do North have made a program that is simple to follow with weekly manageable goals to keep you on track.  To see how simple it is, click the picture below to get the first week right now.

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Fb 30 day trial profileIf you‘re fascinated in learning Muay Thai in Edmonton or St. Albert, Call or Text Arashi Do Martial Arts North at 780-220-5425.  We offer a 30 Day FREE Trial and a Free Training DVD just for coming in.

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