Muay Thai vs BJJ: Which One is Right for You?

DSC_0149-1aMuay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are both exciting forms of martial arts that are enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Deciding which one to train in can be a tough choice to make. It really comes down to what style of martial arts you like best. 

Reasons to Do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 

Your body size and muscle mass have nothing to do with your ability to succeed in BJJ. It’s all about the specific skills that you learn while training. This means that you could be the shortest, skinniest person in your class or at a competition and still do quite well.  Being larger or even physically stronger than your opponent doesn’t matter very much when it comes to fighting BJJ style

BJJ is also great for self-defense purposes. This can make it a great choice for women who may be especially concerned about protecting themselves in the event of being in a dangerous situation. Men also benefit from knowing how to protect themselves in an effective fashion.

It also teaches you about the nature of fighting and trains you to think carefully about the strategies that you are using in fights. There’s no mindless punching or kicking. You must calculate your moves according to the situation that you are in.

BJJ is a workout for both the mind and body.  A lot of strategy is required, which makes this sport very mentally stimulating. In addition, many people who practice this form of martial arts feel that there is always something new to learn or something to improve on.


Positives of Muay Thai 

Muay Thai is a physically demanding form of martial arts that involves kicking and striking. It’s great for building muscle and for maintaining your weight. Many who train in this sport mention having more muscle definition, particularly in the legs and abs.

If you are interested in mixed martial arts or are already and MMA fighting, give Muay Thai some serious consideration. While training, you can learn to increase how far your strikes extend. You also learn to how to fight with your legs. In this style of fighting, kicks can be used as an extremely effecting method for fending off an opponent’s attacks or for bringing you opponent down. Such fighting techniques can make a big difference in MMA competitions.

Benefits of Both

While it’s easy to get into a big debate about which is better, know that both Muay Thai and BJJ have excellent benefits. Training in martial arts is a great way to get exercise and to practice physical fitness. It’s also a fantastic way to build confidence and to gain self-defense strategies that might help in real-life situations, not just in a fighting match in an arena.


If you are still feeling uncertain, consider giving both a try. Many companies offer trial classes that can help you make your decision. Remember, it’s all about what suits your individual goals and preferences.


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