Benefits of Skipping for Muay Thai

muay thai skippingIf you want the ultimate high intensity workout you can do on your own in minimal space, then skipping is the way to go. Many martial artists, boxers and athletes call it their favorite way of a high intensity cardio workout. The best part is that all you need is a jump rope and a little space to jump! Congrats – you just read one of the cheapest, fastest and best ways to improve your Muay Thai endurance!

For Fitness & Fun

Skipping is a fun and important tool to develop light feet, increase cardio and improve your tricky footwork ability. These qualities are a must for a Muay Thai practitioner and if you want to make sure that you are just as quick on your feet like you are with your punches then you better incorporate skipping into your workout today.

Skipping is a fundamental part of Muay Thai training as it conditions the whole body. The fast movement of the jump rope makes you work hard continuously to keep up with the movement. This is an excellent way to improve your speed.

Skipping not only conditions your feet but it also works wonders for your abdomen. A strong abdomen is essential for the stability of a Muay Thai fighter’s body. After all, this is the one place that will be getting the devastating knee shots and punches. If you miss out on the benefits of skipping, you will have a weaker abdomen. Your opponents will have a much easier time knocking you out.

If you joined Muay Thai training for weight loss then skipping is going to benefit you here the most. A one-hour skipping session burns 1300 calories. Even if you are able to do a 15-min skipping session, you burn a whopping 325 calories! For a mere 15-min workout, this is an amazing way for you to kick-start your body’s fat burning process.

When it comes to Muay Thai, having a flexible body is important. You need to close-in to your opponent and execute your kicks and knee shots. With skipping you can ensure that your leg muscles get the workout they need for becoming more flexible. By burning any fat from your thighs, you can achieve better leg stretches and improve your kicks for close combat.

Jump Your Way Towards a Healthier & Stronger You… 

Skipping not only benefits you as a Muay Thai practitioner but also improves you overall health. Not only that, by skipping you are performing a weight bearing exercise, which has been shown to improve bone density and helps in preventing osteoporosis in old age. So by skipping, you are jumping your way not just towards a better present, but for a better, stronger and healthier future as well.

The effort it takes to run a mile can be easily equaled by skipping for 10 minutes at one place. You don’t have to step out into the cold or rain and risk injury; you can skip for 10 minutes and get the same amount of cardio as you would running a whole mile. According to the British Rope Skipping Association, you can get the same health benefits from a 10-minutes skipping session than you would by doing a 45-minute run.


At Arashi Do Martial Arts in North Edmonton, fitness is at the core of our Muay Thai training. Not only will you get to learn the exercises that will make you a good Muay Thai fighter but also those that will ensure a healthier future.

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