Metabolic Training for Muay Thai

learn muay thai 2Metabolic training is a common supplement for the modern day Muay Thai fighter. The new craze of CrossFit has really emphasised how much metabolic training can improve and influence your Muay Thai game. To sum it up, it’s a transition between many exercises focuses on lifting your own body weight or more in quick succession, with a very minimal rest between each exercise. It focuses of anaerobic work outs, improving your cardio and stripping fat like nobody’s business. It can be an incredibly effective tool, but can also result in over training and running the risk of nasty injuries, so it’s important that it’s regulated and used in the right way. At the end of the day, there’s no point training to improve your Muay Thai if it leaves you ruled out with injury for six to eight weeks every time. Here we suggest a few tips for those of you that are pursuing metabolic training to give your fighting a boost.

The Good…

abs-torso_2605017-792814By adding in some extra training, you can really reap the benefits. By pushing yourself through CrossFit exercises, you can give your cardio a boost, the minimal recovery time puts your body in a similar situation to a fight. This is going to help you go longer and faster when it comes down to it. Pushing through also helps build your mental strength, instilling a never back down attitude in your fighting game letting you give 100% right to the end.

CrossFit training also works the majority of your major muscle groups. Combine it with a clean diet and the right attitude your gains can go off the scale. You’ll notice improvements all over the place and be surprising yourself doing things that you couldn’t do before.

Regulate It…

wanted-muay-thai-beginners-todayIf you hit CrossFit too hard though, the bad can really outweigh the good. If you train too hard you run the risk of injury, if its by over stretching or trying to lift too much you’ll do massive damage. You need to remember that the weights training is in addition to your Muay Thai, you’re trying to become the World’s Strongest Man. You need to focus each exercise on an aspect of Muay Thai that you are trying to improve, whether its speed, power or balance.

Over training really is the big thing to avoid, so you only want to be doing 1-2 sessions of the extra weight training on a weekly basis. It’s also a good idea not to spend too long on each exercise type, otherwise you’ll be looking ridiculous being absolutely built in the upper body but with tiny chicken legs. Change the exercise every 6 weeks to keep the improvements even.

Ideally to avoid injury, your CrossFit Sessions shouldn’t go over 20 minutes in length, and should only consist of three to five exercises with no more than five sets on each. If you really want to gain weight you can look at super setting, but that isn’t for everyone and once again runs a higher risk of injury.

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