This Week in Muay Thai – Knees and Elbows!

As the title implies, this week in Muay Thai at Arashi-Do St. Albert is all about knees and elbows. Knees and elbows are the strikes that Muay Thai is most known for, since most striking styles don’t allow them in their competitions and as a result neglect them in training. Not only are knees and elbows devastatingly powerful since they’re more directly connected to the fighter’s center of mass, they also had another practical purpose on the battlefield in the days of Muay Thai’s ancient parent martial art Muay Boran.

When striking using the human body, some weapons are more natural than others. The fist, for example is an effective weapon with technique and training, but can be easily injured especially without the use of protective equipment. The elbow by comparison is naturally hard and reinforced for striking across many angles. The knee when flexed and compacted is also a very durable weapon when compared to the foot. This would have been especially important in open combat, fighting for hours on end against multiple opponents.

Today’s class was more focused on elbows – we learned a few different types as well as defenses so that everyone could flow back and forth between partners to get a feel for them. Thursday’s class will focus more on knees but will also review what we worked today. Come in and join us and enjoy 30 days completely FREE!

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