3 of the Best Battle Rope Exercises for Muay Thai

1) One-Legged Slams – Try to keep the leg a bit bent so that as you slam the ropes down the leg absorbs some of the force. If you stand up straight you’ll stiffen up too much.

2) Shooting From the Hip – These aren’t quite vertical waves, they actually come up across midline at an angle. You want to start the movement from the feet, swivelling the hips side to side and eventually adding the arm motion. The arms themselves should actually be very relaxed, they’re only there to transmit the force from the hips so don’t start doing bicep curls.

3) V-Sit Sidewinders – Great for the abs, lats and shoulders. Focus on scooping the ropes in toward the centerline, you don’t really have to try to shoulder raise them to the outside. The momentum of the ropes when they meet in the middle will carry them out naturally. Enjoy!

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