Great Job at the Grading, Everyone!

Once again we had the honour of hosting Kru Phu Chwy Mike Yackulic at the St. Albert school to perform a grading for white and yellow prajieds, and he even brought out some of his own students. It was quite a show of force and everyone’s technique and effort was on point. Congratulations to everyone who graded, you’re going to love the new material we’ll be working on!

My favourite thing about this picture is how similar it looks to the last grading Kru Mike came out to do for us. Martial arts is incredibly rewarding in so many ways, but it is a very difficult journey and progress is never linear so it’s always awesome to see familiar faces one grading after another. It’s also great to see the new faces popping up and demonstrating such work ethic and enthusiasm as you clear the first big hurdle in your development as Muay Thai practitioners. Lom Pa Yu!

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