4 Ways to Be a Great Training Partner for Muay Thai

All martial arts require good sportsmanship and Muay Thai is no different. If you love Muay Thai then you know how good it makes you feel when you train and spar. This cannot be true for everyone however as some people are not lucky enough to have good partners. Training and sparring with your classmates requires that you have a good personality. A good person always teaches others and in the case of Muay Thai, he/she always does their best to be a good training partner.

Here are four ways to enforce the idea of how to be a good training partner in Muay Thai:

1: Don’t Be a Jerk

No one likes people who are arrogant and display how good they are at something as if they’re the best. If you want the other person to feel comfortable sparring with you, then keep it light hearted. You don’t have to be cracking jokes in the middle of the session, just say something to ease the tension (if any) between you and your partner. This is especially helpful when sparring with a person of opposite sex as being a bit loony can give you two the jolt to spar better rather than keeping your distance. When the time is right, smile and crack a little joke, but make sure that you don’t make someone a target of your joke as it will be very disrespectful.

2: Give Others a Chance by Thinking Positive

As sparring is crucial to Muay Thai training, chances are that you might pair up with a member of the opposite sex. This can make most people nervous, especially if a guy is paired with a girl. Guys will be hesitant to kick or punch a lady and won’t want to be the ones who ‘raised their hands at a woman’. Relax! This is Muay Thai; anyone who takes up Muay Thai knows what they’re getting into. When sparring with a person from the opposite sex, just make sure that you follow the rules of Muay Thai. If you’re more experienced, give them a nudge in the right direction and let them hit you a few times to make them feel comfortable. This will show them that you are a positive person and are giving them a chance to learn.

3: Don’t be a Know it All

When learning Muay Thai at a gym, you are there to learn from the instructor. No matter how many YouTube videos and Muay Thai fights you may have seen, don’t try to be a know-it-all and try to show everyone you know everything there is to know about Muay Thai. Everyone is there to learn from the Muay Thai instructor so instead of trying to show off new techniques, go with the class. In time you will realize how little you actually know, as training and learning from a real instructor is never going to be the same as watching videos on the internet. Flow with your teammates and if you think you can do a technique in a better way then make sure that you consult with your instructor quietly instead of boasting loudly about your immense knowledge.

4: Keep a Cool head

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Martial arts are all about learning patience and discipline. Sparring in Muay Thai is about learning and getting the feel of how a real fight would be like. Don’t lose yourself in the heat of combat and hit your partner with powerful blows to knock them out. Remember, this is not a match, it is a training session and you’re both there to learn. If you hit too hard then the other person will get bruised needlessly and will most likely make a complaint against you. No one will want to spar with you again and you will lose credibility. If you want to hit hard then do it in the ring or on the bags. In such times deep breathing is always helpful and can help calm your nerves.

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Muay Thai vs BJJ: Which One is Right for You?

DSC_0149-1aMuay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are both exciting forms of martial arts that are enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Deciding which one to train in can be a tough choice to make. It really comes down to what style of martial arts you like best. 

Reasons to Do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 

Your body size and muscle mass have nothing to do with your ability to succeed in BJJ. It’s all about the specific skills that you learn while training. This means that you could be the shortest, skinniest person in your class or at a competition and still do quite well.  Being larger or even physically stronger than your opponent doesn’t matter very much when it comes to fighting BJJ style

BJJ is also great for self-defense purposes. This can make it a great choice for women who may be especially concerned about protecting themselves in the event of being in a dangerous situation. Men also benefit from knowing how to protect themselves in an effective fashion.

It also teaches you about the nature of fighting and trains you to think carefully about the strategies that you are using in fights. There’s no mindless punching or kicking. You must calculate your moves according to the situation that you are in.

BJJ is a workout for both the mind and body.  A lot of strategy is required, which makes this sport very mentally stimulating. In addition, many people who practice this form of martial arts feel that there is always something new to learn or something to improve on.


Positives of Muay Thai 

Muay Thai is a physically demanding form of martial arts that involves kicking and striking. It’s great for building muscle and for maintaining your weight. Many who train in this sport mention having more muscle definition, particularly in the legs and abs.

If you are interested in mixed martial arts or are already and MMA fighting, give Muay Thai some serious consideration. While training, you can learn to increase how far your strikes extend. You also learn to how to fight with your legs. In this style of fighting, kicks can be used as an extremely effecting method for fending off an opponent’s attacks or for bringing you opponent down. Such fighting techniques can make a big difference in MMA competitions.

Benefits of Both

While it’s easy to get into a big debate about which is better, know that both Muay Thai and BJJ have excellent benefits. Training in martial arts is a great way to get exercise and to practice physical fitness. It’s also a fantastic way to build confidence and to gain self-defense strategies that might help in real-life situations, not just in a fighting match in an arena.


If you are still feeling uncertain, consider giving both a try. Many companies offer trial classes that can help you make your decision. Remember, it’s all about what suits your individual goals and preferences.


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5 Top Tips For Building Your Six Pack

abs-torso_2605017-792814Many people do a lot of abdominal crunches yet complain of no results.  Little do they know that spot reduction does not exist and crunches may in fact do very little to help.  Following five easier steps to getting six pack abs may be more useful in this regard.

Mike Geary’s Truth About Abs is the program that makes it easy to begin taking the right steps almost immediately.

Number-1-iconNutrition – Start eating whole and naturally and stop eating low nutrient and high calorie foods like cakes and sodas.  Eat more vegetables and fruits and add in complex carbohydrates found in oatmeal, whole wheat bread and pastas.  Mix in a lot of protein from chicken and tuna and healthy fats from salmon, avocado and olive oil.

Number-2-iconWorkout routine – Use workouts with compound movements and those that give core training.  Examples of these exercises are squats, dead lifts, presses, planks and hanging leg raises.  Try to avoid isolation exercises such as crunches as it does not burn as much fats as compound exercises. This is where your Muay Thai training comes in.

Number-3-iconConsistency – your nutrition and workout program should be consistent and maintained. Do not get discouraged if you do not see results right away. Stick to your strict diet and workout routine and over time you will see great results. Be sure to share you goal with someone trusted like your instructor.  Once it’s out there it’ll help keep you motivated.

Number-4-iconBody fat percentage – Adjust your body fat percentage accordingly and try to lessen this every week by proper monitoring and adjust your exercise routines accordingly.  The average healthy man should have a body fat % between 11-22% and 23-35% for women… but if you want o see those abs it has to be at the bottom of those ranges.

Number-5-iconRest – overtraining is never good.  Your body needs rest to repair itself and muscles to grow.  Take one day out of the week for complete rest and recuperation. Take this day to pamper yourself and not do anything physical. After a while of working out you will really miss it and will really want to get back at it after a day off.

Truth About Abs also helps you to maintain proper health. I strongly believe that you can’t look good for long if you don’t watch your health properly. I believe that Mike Geary places an emphasis on correct nutrition for this reason which is why his program works so well.

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